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About Us

Shandong Xinhao Foods CO.,LTD located in Jinan city Shandong province,We are leading producer and exporter of dehydrated vegetables and seasoning products,we have over 12 years experiences in these field.

We have two production plants,one is for dehydrated vegetables and another is for seasonings,our main products are dehydrated garlic,onion,chilli,ginger,seasonings,we have our own planting base to meet customer’s requirements.

Now we are exporting to UK,Germany,Canada,Singapore,Philippines,Nigeria,South America etc,also we are good supplier of the world's top 500 food companies.

We have advanced and multi-functional laboratory to carry out various inspections and testing of our products, and regularly compare with the testing data of SGS, INTERTEK,CTI and other third-party laboratories and customer’s to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the testing results.

We will try our best to service with heart and meet customer’s requirements,our purpose is”Mutual-benefit,Quality first”.