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Shandong Xinhao Foods CO.,LTD located in Jinan city Shandong province,We are leading producer and exporter of dehydrated vegetables and seasoning products,we have over 12 years experiences in these field. We have two production plants,one is for dehydrated vegetables and another is for seasonings,our main products are dehydrated garlic,onion,chilli,ginger,seasonings,we have our own planting base to meet customer&rsquo;s requirements. Now we are exporting to UK,Germany,Canada,Singapore,Philippines,Nigeria,South America etc,also…… [更多+]

Address:1008,Building 2,N0.9777 Jingshi Road,Jinan,Pilot Free Trade Zone,Shandong,China




FD spring onion leek flakes<
FD spring onion leek flakes
FD green bell pepper<
FD green bell pepper
FD red bell pepper<
FD red bell pepper
FD yellow corn<
FD yellow corn
FD green peas<
FD green peas
Curry flavor<
Curry flavor
Beef flavor<
Beef flavor
Chicken flavor<
Chicken flavor


Feeding Workshop<
Feeding Workshop
Compressed Air-Peeling Machine<
Compressed Air-Peeling Machine
Metal Detector<
Metal Detector
Roll Crusher<
Roll Crusher


Water Activity Tester<
Water Activity Tester
Moicrobiology Lab<
Moicrobiology Lab